HIIT Workouts: My Favourite Way to Train

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If you've tuned into my YouTube channel recently you would have seen that I've added a number of HIIT workouts to my library. High Intensity Interval Training has always been part of my fitness routine but lately I just can't get enough of this fast past, calorie buring workout. Here are a few reasons why this is my favourite way to get in shape and why you may want to incorporate HIIT into your regular workout regime.  

1. You can do it almost anywhere

HIIT workouts can be completely body-weighted or can incorporate minimal equipment such as a pair of dumbbells. This is ideal if you travel often or if you prefer to workout from home, or maybe your gym has limited equipment. Either way with my style of HIIT workouts I’m always sure that I can do them with both minimal space and equipment. When you can workout from pretty much anywhere it makes it pretty tough to come up with excuses 😁

2. You don’t have to workout for hours

Because you are pushing yourself for maximum intensity and effort you don’t have to workout for hours. It’s like, get to the point and then get on with your day

3. It’s crazy effective

Just because you are only working out for shorter periods doesn’t mean you won’t get the results you are hoping for. In my personal experience I’ve achieved way better results through incorporating HIIT workouts than I ever have on a basic weight training and cardio split routine. I’m able to build lean muscle, improve my cardio, increase power and improve agility.

4. You’ll never get bored

I get bored easily when it comes to working out. It’s easy for me to fall off track or lose interest if things aren’t changing every few weeks. Not to mention the plateau that my body hits when I’m not mixing things up enough. I typically design my HIIT workouts to be full body and introduce new exercises and work/rest combinations so that my body is always adapting.

5. It’s suitable for all fitness levels

The term High Intensity can sometimes scare beginners off. But the best part about HIIT is that you get to choose the intensity level at which you work. This will be different for each individual so no matter if you are just starting out or you’ve been training for years you can make any HIIT workout more or less challenging by the amount of effort you put in, the type of weights you use or the work/rest combinations you use. As a beginner you may want to start with shorter bursts of intensity followed by longer periods of rest. As you advance you can perform the exact same workout but increase the amount of time you are putting in work and decrease your rest time. You can also bump up that intensity by adding weights/resistance to build even more strength and power.

Have you tried incorporating HIIT into your workout routine or is this type of training new to you? Comment below – I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will be posting new workouts there every week!


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