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If you think about it what do the scales tell you? They tell you a number, but what does that number mean? Does the lower the number mean that you are healthier and in better shape? The answer is.... not necessarily. 

I always tell my clients that your weight is a nice to know thing but something that I am not that interested in when we come and do are progress checks. Instead I am much more interested in body composition changes (body fat percentage), waist and hip measurements and how you are feeling in yourself.

You have probably heard the saying that muscle weighs more than fat...WRONG! A pound of fat and a pound of muscle is still a pound! The difference between the two are that muscle is much denser than fat there for you can fit more muscle into the same area as fat. 

The below picture is a great way to visualise this. Imagine each of these images were 10 times bigger, the yellow mass (fat) would be massive compared to the dark pink stuff (muscle) but both would weigh the same.


This is why when doing #TeamPBFIT we are not that bothered about what the scales say at the end off each of the phases instead we are more concerned with hip and waist measurements, and how you are feeling in yourself and are your clothes fitting differently?

Other benefits that you notice your exercise programme is working include:

  • Better sleep.
  • Less stress.
  • More productive.
  • Feel happier and more positive.
  • Friends and Family saying you are looking good!

Remember its not all about the number on the scale, at the end of the day it is just a number. So next time you get on the scales and your disappointed that there is no change and you want to give up, think about the above and notice other changes in your body. 


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