7 Important Reasons To Exercise During Pregnancy

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For many women, pregnancy is one of the most stressful, exciting and memorable times in their lives. From the moment you find out for some mums to be they immediately start planning the next nine months in their lives.

CWith everything else going on some of them might neglect one important activity, exercise. They even wonder if exercise during pregnancy is safe. Actually, it is not only safe, it is recommended. If you are pregnant, consider the following 7 important reasons to start exercising now.

 1.     Less Weight Gain

If you are pregnant, on of your fears may be excessive weight gain. While gaining some weight during pregnancy is necessary and beneficial, you may worry about packing on too many pounds during this special time in your life. Thankfully, regular exercise during pregnancy can help. According to research, women who exercise frequently during pregnancy will gain 7 pounds less than those who ski[ the gym while they’re pregnant.

2.     Easier Delivery

Beside gaining less weight, you might enjoy an easier delivery, if you exercise during pregnancy. Regular workouts help you develop strong muscles. Enjoying your favorite cardiovascular workouts at the gym also makes your heart stronger. These benefits of exercise can make the pushing process of labor easier.

3.     Deceased Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Some women experience a sharp rise in their blood sugar during pregnancy. This is know as gestational diabetes. The complications of this disorder include having an overweight baby and delivering a baby before due date. Fortunately, exercising regularly may decrease the risk of developing this serious medical condition during pregnancy.

4.     Less Morning Sickness

Experiencing nausea is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy many woman experience. Often referred to as morning sickness, this problem sometimes extends beyond morning hours. Some women deal with this debilitating issue all day long. Exercise is believed to help pregnant women cope with this problem.

5.     Less Back Pain

Many women complain of constant back pain during pregnancy. Some pregnant women are able to alleviate this troubling problem by exercising regularly.

6.     Decreased Anxiety

During pregnancy, women’s bodies under go a myriad of changes. If pregnant women don’t understand what is taking place inside their bodies, they may experience anxiety. While anxiety isn’t uncommon during pregnancy, you may be able to lessen the effects of it with regular exercise.

7.     Stronger Immune System

Many women experience alarming amounts of stress after delivering a baby, In a moment, their lives are forever changed. They must deal with the added daily responsibilities of:

  • Multiple feeds
  • Numerous nappy changes
  • Extra loads of washing.

The added stress of motherhood can weaken your immune system. When this happens you become more susceptible to a variety of illnesses. Thankfully you can combat the effects of stress on your immune system through regular exercise. A mere walk around the block cab even be beneficial.

For many women, pregnancy is an unforgettable experience that shapes the rest of their lives. To make the most of this special time in your life, you need to exercise regularly. Doing exercise frequently during and after pregnancy may help you become a happier and healthier mum.

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