The Secrets The Diet Industry Won't Tell You

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Why would the diet industry based around making people healthy lie to us?

The is all down to money.

The diet/health industry is worth an estimated £2 billion

We all want to hear the magic, fairytales that will give us the secret of how to lose weight without actually having to make sacrifices and face the hard work that it requires.

People want to pay to get lean but you can't buy lean you have to get lean. There are no secrets, the £2 billion goes to fads, the pills and the juices detoxed that people buy over and over again chasing the secret. 

Dieting is not new, there may be new research coming out regularly but the fundamentals of physiology and biochemistry do not change.

People aren't going to pay us to tell them how hard, miserable, stressful and boring fat loss can be sometimes. People try to get round this by paying for quick fixes, unfortunately there are no quick fixes.

So if the truth doesn't sell, what does?

In order to sell a product and convince you that theirs is the best they need to make you believe that everything else is the devil.

Atkins will tell you carbs are the enemy. 5:2 will show you that the only way to lose weight is to only eat 500 calories for two days. Herbalife will have you believe that drinking shakes is way better for you than eating real food.

The one thing that these diets have in common is that they all work because in one way or another you are reducing calories.

by demonising a food group you proceed to cut it out from your diet which results in eating less. Dieting really is as simple as calories in vs calories out and no matter how you do it, its all the same.

Life is for living and as much as wee need to be mindful of what we eat, consume less calories on the whole and put good quality, nutritious food into our bodies we certainly don't need to demonise any food groups. (Unless you have an intolerance to a food group!)

Find a balance that works best for you, that doesn't see you stuffing your face like every meal is your last, but also doesn’t see you starving yourself of food in general.

Enjoy the things you love in moderation. Eat more fruit and veg, lean protein sources and carbohydrates to fuel your body when it needs it. Enjoy a glass of wine or two with friends but don't drink more wine than water.

And remember that if you eat more calories than you burn you will get fatter.

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