Should You Continue Running While Pregnant, and What About Postnatal and Beyond?

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Even if you have been running and are postnatal or beyond and experience any incontinence or pelvic floor pressure it's extremely important to take a step back and really rehab your core the safe and correct way.

This can help you avoid additional pelvic floor dysfunctional issues late on in life too. It is not normal to leak (even a little) when you are exercising. That is a major sign that your pelvic flooris not yet ready for that exercise or form of exercise. It's not a 'never' it's just a 'not yet ready'

Especailly during pregnancy - it's extremely important to minise exercises that are putting extra stress on your pelvic floor.

Be kind to your body! A workout should be more than just to burn calories or lose the baby weight - done correctly you will feel amazinf after each workout. Stronger and more connected through your body, while saying goodbye to those aches and pains and even stop leaking down there too!


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