4 Reasons Why You Should Do Bootcamp

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"Bootcamp" is a training modality which involves several exercises performed in a sequential manner with a high intensity for either time or pre-determind volume target. Below are four reasons why you should give PB Fitness Bootcamp a go.

1. Significant Cardiovascular Stimulus

Bootcamp style circuit training has been shown to elicit similar responses in Oxygen consumption, Heart Rate and Metabolic costs relative to those seen following traditional cardio vascular exercise on a treadmill. This suggests an alternative method of pursuing cardiovascular goals without the monotony of long arduous activities.

2. Fat Loss

Our Bootcamp sessions employ methods that ensure a high amount of workload is attained in a set amount of time, increasing work density. This alongside the elevated measures mentioned above mean a high amount of expenditure is achieved helping you with those fat loss goals.

3. Sculpting and Defining Muscle

The primary method of accumulating workload is via resistance exercises. This means that so long as the drive and effort is present, two primary mechanisms for definition would have been satisfied: intensity and volume thus improving the shape and appearance of muscle.

4. The Kohler Effect

The Kohler Effect is a phenomenon where output is increased within a group so within the context of our Bootcamp, you're more likely to push yourself harder and longer therefore increasing the training effect and getting more out of the sessions.

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