Reviews of PB Fitness


Age: 35

Profession: Marketing

I started with PB fitness to help me lose weight and get fit for my wedding. I lost nearly a stone in two months with Pete's help and am much more toned now than when I started which I am really pleased about. We had to work around my shin splints injury when I started which Pete took in his stride. We then adapted my sessions again because I want to train for a half marathon, and then adapted them again for pre and postnatal exercises when I had my first child.

Chris and Rosemary

Age: 60 & 53

My wife and I have been working with Pete for over 2 years now. He is a gentle and charming fitness coach who pushes you just enough and is endlessly co-operative to cope with change of goals and conditions. In the time with Pete I have lost almost two stone and am now back running regularly.

He recently turned to sports massage and it is a fantastic way to finish a long session. I am getting to the age where there are always niggles and worse with the legs and the massage sessions have been a real tonic.


Age: 50

Profession: Financial Planner

"I use a personal trainer because otherwise I would not fit the necessary exercise into my life. To want to continue to work towards my goal it is essential that the programme is varied and well thought out. Peter is great at keeping the training enjoyable which means I will keep training. Thanks Peter"


Age: 53

Profession: Property

The training sessions with Pete are always effective using variety of aids to help work towards reaching my goals. Most important though is that he listens to my feedback and changes are made to following sessions to suit my needs.


Age: 50

Profession: Business Owner

Peter is an exceptional masseur - he has helped me adjust to a new running regime and I do not know where my body would be without him.


Age: 51

Profession: Artist

I decided for personal training after I realised that I had to commit to rebuilding my strength and health - preferably with someone else I could well connect with, whose advise I could respect and who could help me really enjoy working out and progressing with a new attitude. The option of home visits felt to be crucial as I have a bit of equipment I'd like to use.

The initial conversation I had with Pete (after contacting others as well) made it clear that I had most probably found who I was looking for, and, over half a year (currently still 3 sessions a week) later I can only confirm this and see/feel the difference in terms of being stronger, better connected to my body and healthy again.

Peter never tried to get me into any 'regime' but offers a natural, relaxed yet efficient approach, tailored to what we discussed to achieve.

Temporary knee problems could be sorted so that I have even started to love running (I never thought I would), perhaps because of being encouraged by my PT to take it as a slow and gradual progress instead of trying too hard too early.

Pete comes up each time with another plan for the session, neatly worked out sets of exercises.

Perhaps the fact that I look forward each time to these sessions says enough.