Our Covid-19 Plan

At PB Fitness, your welbeing is our priority. We've always prided ourselves on keeping our environments spotlessly clean, and we've never believed in packing people together on rows of equipment.

Maintaining a safe, healthy environment

So, we are already in a good place, but the seriousness of the Coronavirus situation deserves new levels of stringency. Our respone is to insigate a strict plan of intiatives to protect and reassure our members when in classes and sessions.

New Initiatives

  1. Any session that is held indoors will only ever be carried out in groups of six.
  2. Every Member will be able to socially distance with ease.
  3. Every PB Fitness team member is fully briefed on correct pracitices.
  4. Hand santisier will be available at every session for you to use.


Exisiting Practices

  1. All equipement is cleaned with sanitiser after each session.
  2. No equipment will be shared without prior cleaning.
  3. Our pod system creatves natural training separation within the sessions.