Mums and Babies Fitness

Training shouldn't be boring. We'll always find away to get your results and promise that you will be smiling and laughing your way to great health.

Bring your baby to PB Fitness, the go-to place on the Island for pre and post natal fitness, nutrition, wellbeing and a bit of friendly advice.

At PB Fitness we know that each and every pregnancy is unique and we do our best to work with you to ensure that we give you the help you need.

Ours bumps and babies programme is run by myself who is experienced and passionate about helping clients with all aspects of their pregnancy and becoming a new mum. Babies are more than welcome to come along to the sessions, so there is no need to worry about childcare or I can come to your house.

Our mums and babies and babies sessions have a relaxed and fun approach to help you back into exercise. The majority of the exercises will involve the TRX suspension trainer which is great as not only does it unload some of the weight placed on the joints, but also helps enage and strengthen the core. They are also a perfect wotkout for wearing your baby too for an extra challenge. Alternatively baby can of course play with their toys or sleep in their pushchiars. We want to make getting back into exercise as easy as possible for new mums. 

Bumps and Babies On-Demand

Workout form home with on demand classes guided by a pre and postnatal trainer.

Whether newly pregnant or recently given birth,  your body will be going through a wide range of feelings and changes. Knowing where to start, and what is safe to do in regards to exercise can be a minefield. Which is why at PB Fitness we want to take that pressure away so you can still enjoy exercise and doing what's so good for you during this important stage of your life.

Our Pre & Postnatal on demand library of realtime workouts is brilliant as it enables you to work round common barriers such as morning sickness, exhuastion, childcare, or children just being children, stopping you getting to classes or PT sesions. With you being able to take the session at a time of day that suits you best.


Mums and Babies Class

The sessions will help:

Strengthen muscles affected by birth.

Meet the new mums.

Exercise safely.

Reduce postnatal depression.

Baby is of course very welcome to join you and we have no issues with you needing to feed, cuddle or change nappies mid workout.

The sessions run Monday 13:15-14:00pm £40 for 8 sessions or £7 PAYG. Click below to book your place.

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