TRX Suspension Training

Our community culture makes fitness fun and it's the reason why our TRX Total Body Classes are so effective. Be lifted by those around you.

If you are new to fitness or into fitness and looking for inspiration then look at that TRX.

TRX Suspension training provides deliberate instability challenging you to maintain optimal posture and alignment. Not only will this help to prevent injury and improve joint stability, but you will also develop a greater mind-muscle connection through focused movement, as you use your bodyweight to build strength, muscular endurance and balance.

Suspension training is a total body, complete core engaging workout that allows for beginners to develop strength right to the super athletes being challenged to the Nth degree, and you know's FUN. You could train TRX everyday for 365 days and each workout can be different. Different in intensity, movement patterns, strength, power, speed, flexibility. Fitness can be repetitive and boring. TRX takes that boredom away and challenges you.

Our TRX conditioning classes provide a challenging, versatile, and fun full body workout. Classes are limited to 10 spaces so booking is a must and they will last 45 minutes.

TRX can minimise your training time by working your entire body as you can easily switch from one exercise to the next in seconds. It's full body approach will help you carve out that lean, toned body you want. Also as every exercise engages and strengthens your core this will help in preventing injuries, not just in your lower back, but throughout your entire body.

The class concept is created by our lead instructor and owner Pete who combines a unique blend of functional movement and athletic conditioning delivered in a high intensity format. Classes are sutiable for all levels as adaptations and progressions can be made.

The classes will be held:

Cowes | Mondays and Wednesdays | 17:30-18:15pm & 18:30-19:15pm.

The cost is £40 for 8 sessions or £7 PAYG.

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