Semi-Private Personal Training

Transforming your body has never been so easy. Our program is designed to help you reach your fitness goals and built to accommodate your busy lifestyle no strings attached.

Our Approach

Its all about you

At PB Fitness we listen to you and understand your goals.

There is no "it's our way or the highway" approach.

We understand that you are all unique and all need your own tweaks to your training, but the one common theme we want you all to have is enjoyment in your training

Trust us, when this happens, reaching the body you want becomes a lot eaiser.

Exercise/Life Balance

We want you to find the right balance when it comes to training and social life

The reason why our team educates you, guides you and supports you is so that you can enjoy the finer things in life whilst still getting the body you came to us for.

We like the sayings "No Ache, No Cake" and "No Pain, No Champagne"

Optimal not Maximal

Your Long term health is our priorty.

It is incredibly easy to get you out of breath and make you percieve your workout is hard, but sweating doesn't equate to a good workout.

We want you to be able to train consistently and so by training optimally instead of maximally we are able to make sure this happens.

Enjoy the Journey

If you don't enjoy your time with us you won't get the results you want it is a simple as that.

Yes we take our training seriously and we care about what we do but you also have to be able to have a laugh whislt doing it.

We love and enjoy what we do and we hope you do too!

Do you have a group of 3-5 friends who would like to exercise together in your own personalised session? Come and give our Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions a try.

What is Semi-Private Personal Training?

Semi-Private Personal Training is personal training delivered in a small group of between 3-5 people. The sessions are tailored to your fitness level, your goals and your needs in a fun, supportive, encouraging and motivational environment to make you get the most of every session.

All members of your session will have their own equipment for the full session, and although you are in a group you will still recieve the same top quality coaching that you would in a 1-2-1 setting.

Sessions can take place at either outside or any location of your groups choice.

How much is Semi-Private Personal Training?

£10 per person per session on a PAYG Basis or you can book a block of 10 sessions for £80 per person.

What happens if everyone can’t make a session?

If you cancel 24 hours before your session then you are able to move your session free of charge. If you attend the session and one member of your group doesn’t then they will forfeit that session and be charged.

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